SIO basic PLUS 6 Pack New Version


Pack of 6 SIO Basic Plus New Version inserts for use with the Petit Lulu Cover. These inserts can also be used with other covers.

The Basic is an excellent insert even for newborn babies to be inserted in a newborn cover folding only a little the insert in front.

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The new version of the Basic has a brand new cut, narrower on the back, is less bulky, its maximum absorbency is maintained thanks to the material used bamboo sponge.
To attach extra inserts now there is only one press button. The New Generation Basic is always compatible with Old Version covers ( only the inserts have changed, the cover remains the same.)
Usually up to 6 months the Basic insert should be enough then, you can add extra inserts

SIO basic PLUS is a combo of inserts (SIO basic) and an extra long insert (SIO).

Basic SIO

60% viscous (bamboo), 40% cotton (organic) (4 layers)

PLUS – Long Insert (SIO)

Exterior : 60% viscous (bamboo), 40% cotton (organic)
Interior : 80% cotton, 20% polyester

Just attach SIO basic PLUS to the Cover (thanks to the snap) and get a ready-to-use diaper

– For infants up to 6 months, folded basic SIO can be used. Folded basic SIO can also be used with a newborn cover.

– If necessary, you can add the short insert or the long insert that are part of the SIO basic PLUS combo.
– is a set of very absorbent inserts

SIO basic
– Can be used for both day and night
– Fast drying


Petit Lulu


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