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Made with a double layer of soft organic merino wool jersey, the Disana panties are totally natural, very breathable and hold the wet very well. Ideal on knitted diapers, fitted, muslin closed with a snappi, flats …

They are also cheap, comfortable and respect the environment. Careful attention should be paid to care and washing to maintain their performance.

They are excellent for the night over any fitted, foldable or knitted diaper and, thanks to the absence of chemicals in the fabrics and the high breathability, they are suitable for children with sensitive skin.
Being made with a natural material, these covers can be used in all seasons: wool is breathable in summer and warm in winter. The skin temperature of the bottom, covered with a wool napkin cover, remains constant at around 35 ° C.

In addition to being very soft, untreated wool like the one used in Disana panties is naturally antibacterial. Thanks to the natural self-cleaning function of the wool fibers, the underwear remain hygienically clean. For this reason, if the nappy underpants are only a little damp, simply leave them to dry in the open air.

Wool covers do not have any type of closure (they are like pull-up panties) and do not have any elastic around the waist and thighs but it is the knitted band (in the thigh and waist) to keep them still and avoid leaks – and keep the baby’s tummy pleasantly warm!

The importance of lanolin
The ability of wool to absorb and retain humidity up to 30-40% of its weight without giving the sensation of being wet externally, is due to the presence of lanolin in the fabric. In a nutshell, it is lanolin that makes wool panties waterproof. When it runs out with use or after washing, panties lose their waterproofness. It therefore becomes essential to restore its content in the fabric of the panties through a lanolin treatment.


According to Disana, their panties dress according to the months of the baby but I recommend making your purchase according to the weight ranges below. I recommend going to the next size if your child is at the limit of the weight because after the first washing and treatment these panties tend to get a little felted.

Size 62-68 (3-6months) 2.7-6kg

Size 74-80 (6-12 months) 5-8kg

Size 86-92 (12-24 months) 7.7-12kg

Size 98-104 (2-3 years) 9.5-16kg

Wool diaper panties should not be washed at each change but dried in the open air for 8-10 hours.

Washing should be done more or less once a month and when:

they are dirty with feces (if the stain is limited, they can be partially washed with soap);
an unpleasant smell remains after drying;
they no longer hold the wet.

These panties should be treated with particular care to prevent them from felting. Attention should be paid to:

use a mild ecological detergent specifically for wool that does not degrease too much.
hand wash at 30 degrees maximum. It is important to maintain the same water temperature both in washing and rinsing;
do not leave them to soak for too long;
rinse well but do not wring or rub.

Instructions for hand washing:

In a basin or sink, pour a small amount of detergent for wool
Add warm water (20-25 degrees C) and dissolve the shampoo.
Dip the panty and wash it quickly without rubbing it
Rinse immediately with warm water.
Place the wet panties in another container waiting for the lanolin treatment, necessary to restore the waterproofness of the panties.

Instructions for lanolin treatment:

Dissolve 2 teaspoons of the Disana Lanolin Treatment in one liter of warm water (20-25 degrees C).

Immerse the panty wool cover and wash gently.

Briefly leave to soak.

Remove from water. To remove excess water and lanolin, spread the wet panty over two towels, roll them up and compress slightly.

Unroll and restore the original shape to the panty.

Spread in the air and always in the shade (indoors or out according to the season) horizontally. DO NOT LAY THEM UNDER THE SUN OR ABOVE THE RADIATOR.

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