Petit Lulu Fitted One Size Snap


Fitted single size (4-15kg) in bamboo blend and organic cotton. Sold with a folding booster. Closing with studs, it needs a waterproof panties. Soft and very absorbent!


The Fitted Petit Lulu is equipped with:

– a long folding booster that is buttoned to the fitted. In this new version the booster has an extra layer (it is 4 layers in all that become 8 once it is folded);
The booster is not necessary on a newborn of 4kg but should be added when you notice that the fitted is no longer sufficiently absorbent on its own. If the supplied booster is still too bulky and you still don’t need a lot of absorbency, you can use any other, thinner booster.



Petit Lulu

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