Starter Kit Newborn


The perfect diaper kit to use since birth. Contains

  • 3 newborn covers
  • 12 prefold newborn
  • One wet bag.


The perfect diaper kit to use since birth.

When they are young, you have to change babies frequently. The convenient and effective system is the combination cover + Prefold.

 If the cover is not dirty, it can be used again, or rinsed and used at the next change when it is dry.

For exclusive use, 4 to 6 covers and twenty prefolds are required. This kit covers part of a baby’s needs. Can be combined with other types of diapers, AIO, Pocket, Fitted + cover.


  • 3 newborn covers
  • prefold newborn (12 pieces)
  • 1 wet bag.

Total value: 115.6 CHF Special price: 105 CHF

The photographs are indicative. The colors and patterns of the covers and wet bags cannot be chosen, but if you have any preferences you can still indicate them. As far as possible we will try to answer to your wish.

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