Shaped Insert with Pocket X 3


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Why do you need Shaped Soaker?

  • It’s double-sided. Fleece on one side, bamboo rayon on the other. Fleece makes your baby feel comfortably dry while bamboo, as a natural material, lets the baby feel the wetness.
  • It has a pocket! You can add any absorbency booster inside.
  • No snaps. It’s intuitive, you simply put Shaped Soaker in Diaper Cover. We made it graphic for you (see below).
  • The size is truly universal. It fits a newborn as well as a toddler, as pictured. The first scheme (for a newborn) is optional; it’s a better protection against leaks (it fits tightly around the legs) but In case you find it too complicated or you don’t have a Snappi fastener, you can skip it and start with the second scheme right away (for a newborn, you probably won’t need to put anything inside the Shaped Soaker’s pocket).



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