Squiz Sophie the Giraffe Gift Box


The gift box contains:

  • 3 food pouches 90ML
  • 3 food pouches130ML
  • 1 box (containing 1 SQUIZ’SPOON, 1 SQUIZ’TOP, 1 SQUIZ’ZIP, 1 cap, 1 reusable bag.

Ideal for making a gift, with their creativity children will find a thousand uses for the box.

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Suitable for children with food diversification from 4-6 months). The reusable pouches can be filled and washed thanks to a zippered opening on the bottom. Each pouch can be reused more than fifty times.

Squiz’zip: with this recycled plastic slider you will gain speed, efficiency and tranquility: a single gesture is enough and zzzzip is closed and closed correctly!

Squiz’spoon: the tip of the Squiz’spoon 2 in 1 spoon, based on vegetable material, precisely drains the contents of the spoon and its material is very delicate on the baby’s mouth. It is designed for small mouths and can be used separately from the bottle thanks to its removable handle. When the baby grows, its shape is perfect for a good grip. For maximum hygiene, it is designed so that its end does not touch the support on which it is resting.

Squiz’top: allows a better grip in the child’s mouth, facilitates the use of the bottle, first accompanied, then alone, and allows him to acquire autonomy. Squiz’top is delicate and prevents irritation of the gums.

Squiz caps: Squiz caps are designed for greater child safety. Always useful to have more!

Squiz bags: practices for storing and transporting your Squiz. It is reusable, useful and its closure safe.

Squiz’box: made of recycled plastic, it is ideal for storing all the essentials you need.

Squiz Reusable food Pouch:

DURABLE AND REUSABLE: wide opening for easy filling and cleaning – double closure with hinge resistant to 50 kg of pressure

PRACTICAL AND NOMAD: Squiz is the ideal solution to store (fridge or freezer) and bring snacks for children: compotes, purees, yogurt, smoothies, etc.

ECOLOGICAL AND ECONOMIC: 1 Squiz is reusable on average 50 times.

HEALTHY AND ETHICAL: Swiss manufacture, 100% European materials guaranteed without BPA in accordance with law n ° 2010-729, nor phthalates in accordance with Regulation 10/2011. They also do not contain PVC or aluminum.

To maximize the life of your Squiz, it is better to wash them by hand in warm water with a brush.






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