To use diapers exclusively, you need about 20 diapers. According to the system chosen AIO, AI2… The number of pieces may vary.

  • All in One diaper (all in one)
  • All in Two diaper (all in two)
  • Pocket
  • Fitted
  • Cover
  • Prefold, muslin, knitted diaper, booster…
  • Training Pants

Diaper all in one

We talk about the All in One diaper, when the waterproof part of the diaper and the absorbent part can not be separated. The two parts are stitched together. The advantage is the simplicity and speed to prepare the diaper. They can still be one size (usually adjustable in front with pressure buttons). That can be very practical especially at the beginning, when you want to have an easy-to-use trim. Sometimes if you leave the baby to other people (grandparents, babysitters…) the All in One diaper reassures. Here are some examples

3.1 Smartbottoms brand AIO
Simplex AIO by Blueberry
This is an AIO Easyfit Star diaper from the Tots Bots brand
  • Simplex Organic One size Blueberry
  • Miosolo Bambino MIo
  • Easyfit Star TotsBots
  • 3.1 Smartbottoms
  • Elemental Bumgenius
  • Freetime Bumgenius

Diaper All In Two

We talk about the All in 2 diaper or The All in 2 system (all in 2), when the waterproof part and the absorbent part are separable (not sewn together). The advantage of this system is that the waterproof part can be used several times if not dirty, changing only the insert. If you use this system exclusively, 6/7 waterproof covers and about twenty absorbent inserts can be enough

The classic cover-and-insert system is usually the most affordable.

Cover & muslin

Cover – prefold

Cover – Knitted diaper

Cover - prefold


It can be a great choice for the night. The fitted diaper being usually more absorbent than other diapers because it is an “entirely absorbent” diaper, often made of bamboo sponge or cotton)

Example of fitted Little Lamb and cover

There are also All in 2 systems with their specific insert:

  • Pop In by close brand
  • Sio Complete by Petit Lulu
  • Bamboolik cover and its shaped insert…
Example a Sio Complete by the brand Petit Lulu

Pocket diaper (pocket)

The pocket diaper (pocket) is a diaper consisting of two parts. The waterproof cover where a pocket and insert to be inserted into the pocket is sewn. The advantage of this diaper is its versatility. As needed, the insert can be changed to add absorbent. Most Pockets are sold with microfiber inserts, they have the advantage of a fast drying, but they are often no longer enough when the baby grows up. In the pocket of a pocket you can also put various inserts, such as prefold or muslin. Pockets can be one-size-fits-all or in sizes. They can be sold with their inserts or by themselves (only the “shell”)

Example of a Little Lamb size pocket diaper
Example of a pocket of the brand Bumgenius
Example of the interior of a pocket OBV Rumparroz of the Kangacare brand


The fitted are usually the recommended diapers for the night,because all the diaper absorbs. There are both one size and size and different materials (cotton, bamboo…). They must be worn with a waterproof cover. Clearly they can also be used during the day, there are also brands that do “fitted for day”, such as Ella’s House.

Fitted in Bambù
Bamboozle Stretch

Covers, waterproof wraps

Cover Little Lamb Taglia 2
New Version Blueberry Capri One Size
Cover Pull Up Large
Cover di lana

Waterproof covers or panties are indispensable with fitted, various inserts… to give waterproofness to the chosen trim. There are different types of covers with sizes or one size, but also with different shapes and materials. Closing Velcro, buttons or pull up. They can be in PUL or wool.

prefolds, inserts...

Hamac Inserto Notte
Inserto pieghevole in Bamboo

Speaking of washable diapers, clearly an essential thing is the insert it absorbs. It can take different forms and also be of different materials. Knitted diaper as in photo 1 They are cotton inside you add a folded prefold and you can put it to the baby.

Prefold exists in different sizes and materials, bamboo, cotton… It can be used folded in three in a waterproof cover or closed with one Snappy (photo 3). Photo 4 is a microfiber insert to be folded in three with a stay-dry liner top. Photo 5 a bamboo folding insert.

Boosterto improve the absorbent power of a diaper. Some brands offer boosters. It is usually a small insert made of natural material to add to your trim.

Training pants

The training pants are special underwears They are not really diapers but underpants that have an absorbent heart, sometimes they also have waterproof exterior. They can be useful in the learning phase to limit the impact of accidents. Beware children but should be ready to be potty trained, showing obvious signs such as dry diaper, or saying when they need to pee or other.


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