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Newborn diaper kit complete

You want to have diapers tailored to your little one but you don’t want to buy Newborn diapers, this kit is for you.

There are several reasons why you don’t want to buy NB diapers:

  • You are not sure that this choice is for you, but you want to be able to launch yourself immediately with all the necessary.
  • You’ve been told your baby’s going to be pretty big, and you’re afraid you won’t be using Newborn diapers for long.

With this kit you will have everything you need to change your little one without having to insert disposable diapers. You have the option to keep the kit for a maximum of three months. At the end of each month you can close the rental. The cost for the first month is CHF 80 and CHF 50 for each subsequent month. The total sum of CHF 180 is required at the beginning of the rental. Months not “consumed” will be refunded. It is possible to cancel the rental at the end of the month with a few days’ notice. The shipping costs for the kit are 8 CHF and include the cost of the return of the diapers.

Hamac brand diaper rental

The French Hamac brand offers a model of washable diapers all in two, a cover with a “nest”where you can insert the absorbent insert .

The rental kit consists of 6 Hamac covers and 15 absorbent inserts. You can choose the size of the covers from:

  • Small (up to 8 kg)
  • Medium (6/12 kg)
  • Large (9/17 kg)

The cost of the rental is 200 CHF for 3 months. 100 CHF the first month, 50 CHF the following months. The total cost of the rental must be paid at the beginning and if the customer decides to return the diapers before, the cost of the months not consumed will be refunded. Shipping costs are 8 CHF includes the cost of return.

Starter Kit HamacMicrofibra

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