With new diapers

New diapers should be washed before use. For the covers once is enough. With Inserts or All In One diapers, you need to perform more washes to get optimal absorbent power. They can also be washed with other clothing of your own, important that you do not use softening or products that are too aggressive. It is not necessary to dry them between washes. Usually all absorbent parts can go into the dryer, for the covers we recommend to dry them at the air

Storage and washing routines

Stock dirty diapers dry

We recommend storing dirty diapers dry (The pee contains ammoniac which is a natural antibacterial. Putting dirty diapers into soaking increases the risk of bacterial proliferation by diluting the ammoniac.) If you really want to store them in soaking, the water must be changed daily.

You can put them in a plastic bin or in wet bags (waterproof and breathable bags). The advantage of the wet bag is that it passes in the washing machine with diapers and can be reused. Also avoid having to over-clean dirty diapers to put them in the washing machine!


Before washing, perform a cold-short wash (30 degrees C) without detergent. Allows you to remove the bulk of the dirt. It is important not to add detergent to this stage to avoid built in the fibers of diapers. Then if you have a few diapers to wash you can add other clothing.

Be careful not to fill the washing machine too much to allow careful washing. Add your chosen detergent (better a gentle detergent to respect your baby’s skin and preserve diapers for a long time) and perform a long wash at 40 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Celsius. In the period of teeth we recommend to wash 60° C pees and feces being more acidic in that period.


Prefold, loose inserts can go into the dryer. We recommend drying covers and All in One in the air or if in dryer with a gentle program.

The “stripping”(comes of the English to strip that means to strip, to say wash deep)

If after a few months of use you notice that clean diapers stink, it probably means that you have to change your washing routine, nothing too serious you can almost always remedy.

Stripping consists of several consecutive washes at 60 degrees C without detergent. The aim is to eliminate any residues of ammonia or detergent in the fibers.


It is recommended to do a first cold wash to better bleach any halos… You can use sodium percarbonate in addition to the detergent to bleach. Absolutely to banish bleach or chemical bleach. The magic trick: spread out your inserts and diapers in the sun for a few hours and you will discover the bleaching power of the sun.


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