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Product for applying lanolin to Disana wool nappies to restore their self-cleaning effect.

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What is this lanolin used for?

Lanolin” or “wool fat” is actually a wax. It protects sheep’s wool from environmental influences such as dirt and moisture. Lanolin has nothing to do with the waterproofing of woolen nappies. But it does neutralise dirt, for example urine, which the wool nappy absorbs. A large part of the “self-cleaning” of wool comes from lanolin. In wool nappies, lanolin combines with urine in the wool fibre when it dries in the air. The chemical process of saponification takes place, the urine is neutralised and the wool nappy is hygienically clean again after drying. This process is completely natural.

With “normal” use of the wool nappy trousers (3 pairs of trousers of one size always used alternately), the treatment should be carried out approximately every 8 to 14 days. By neutralising the urine during the drying of the wool nappy, a little lanolin is consumed each time. At some point, there will be nothing left. You will notice this when the wool nappy trousers smell of urine and no longer seal properly. Then it’s time to wash the wool nappy trousers according to the instructions.

– wash woolen overpants with disana wool shampoo
– Dissolve 2 tablespoons of lanolin care in 1 litre of lukewarm solution (25 °C).
– Place the woolen overcoats in the lanolin solution and wash gently.
– Leave them in the lanolin solution only briefly before removing them.
– Gently remove the excess lanolin solution.
– Leave to dry in a shady place. Do not place them in the sun or on the radiator.

This way the wax reaches each fibre and coats it. Lanolin is an important component of the “self-cleaning power” of woollen articles and helps to
It helps to keep them clean and fresh only by airing them.




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