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This waterproof bag is very practical thanks to its handle with a snap button that allows you to hang it up. The size of the bag is 30 x 40 cm and it can hold up to 6-8 nappies. Ideal for use at home and on outings.



The Smart Bottoms waterproof bag, measuring 30×40 cm (M), is a high quality bag made from two layers of fabric. It has an outer layer of polyester and an inner layer of PUL for durability and odour protection

The bag has a snap handle for easy attachment to a pram or hanging from a hook.

It can hold up to 6-8 All-in-One nappies. It can also be used for a variety of purposes, including soiled clothes and bibs, or a wet nappy after swimming.


– Washable up to 60 degrees
– Do not tumble dry as the high heat can damage the PUL (polyurethane). Also avoid drying the bag on the radiator or exposing it to the sun for longer.
– Dries very quickly on the line
– Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Materials :
Exterior: 100% polyester
Interior: 100% polyester (laminate)


Size (wet bag): M, 30 x 40cm
Holding capacity: 6 – 8 nappies
Material: Polyester
Washable up to: 60°C
Can be tumble-dried: No
with handle: Yes
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