Starter Kit Hamac Microfiber Small


1 cloth nappy + 1 microfiber absorbent pad + 1 disposable absorbent pad + 3 flushable nappy liners. Perfect to test Hamac cloth nappies.
The colour of the Green Banana nappy is yellow with a shade of green.

Size Small : 4/8kg

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The Hamac hybrid nappy is more convenient than a cloth nappy, and more eco-friendly and cost-effective than a disposable nappy.

It is patented leakproof and easy to use: just insert a reusable pad (made from microfiber or organic cotton and hemp) into the Hamac pouch, then place a flushable liner on top. Alternatively, you can simply choose to use a disposable pad.

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– The nappy is made out of Meryl® microfiber. It helps keep moisture away from baby, speeds up the drying process and helps keep baby’s skin warm.

– The pouch is made out of breathable, waterproof polyurethane.

– The washable absorbent pad is made out of microfiber, with one side made out of polyamide so that baby stays dry easily and comfortably.

– The disposable absorbent pad is made out of soft and natural cellulose.

– The liner is made of cellulose fibres that are 100% biodegradable. Chlorine and scent-free.

Machine washable at 40°C/100°F. Tumble dryers should not be used because they wear out the fabric faster.

It is important to fold the velcro tabs back on themselves before washing so that they don’t damage the rest of the laundry. Hamac nappies should not be ironed.

To prevent leaking and other damage to the Hamac pouch, refrain from using washing products containing alcohol, solvents, whiteners or abrasives.

Absorbent pad
Machine washable at 60°C/140°F. Absorbent pads can be tumble-dried.

Refrain from using softener or washing-up liquid with glycerin which can leave residue on the absorbent pads and make them less absorbent. Instead, choose ecological washing powders.

Certified Oeko Tex 100 class 1. Made in France.

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