Sandra and Titiano of Bironico
“We bought washable diapers when I was in the last trimester of pregnancy. First of all, it was important for me to be ecological, to put natural tissues in contact with my son, avoiding absorbing all the chemicals contained in traditional diapers. Not least, saving a lot of money was important. My husband was more skeptical, so we knew how they were, and we immediately fell in love with beauty and practicality, and we could understand what quantity and models to buy and how easy washing was. We started with the newborns, with whom we had a great time in the model panties and separate inserts, but we switched within three months to the larger models since our son Noah was already born almost 4kg and at 2 months weighed over 6. This second purchase of diapers, the pant pattern and bamboo inserts for the night and all-in-one for the gyro, lasted until a month ago when Noah learned to pee and poop in the toilet. We’ve been overjoyed all the time, and we still can’t understand why so many parents keep buying traditional diapers just because they use them all. Of course, having to wash them is an extra task, but it’s the washing machine and the dryer that do all the work, and other than that there are only huge advantages. Our son has never had red skin, the tissues are so soft. We had such a positive 3-year experience and we never regretted it, indeed!”
Carolina di Gordola

“I immediately used washable diapers because I prefer a thousand times organic cotton in contact with my baby’s skin instead of paper and plastic and who knows how many other substances they put in the pampers. The ecological impact is one of the aspects that makes me feel like an environmentally friendly mother, because disposable diapers are 10% of the household waste of the Swiss population and are NOT recyclable. Not least the economic aspect that is not to be underestimated, a significant saving! I mean, since I started using them, I haven’t found a flaw in these magnificent washable diapers. Love at first sight. Comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy. I would do the same experience a thousand times.”

Valentyna of Vezia

“I chose with both my children, the washable diapers for many reasons:
– Ecologic (they do a lot less!) less garbage bags and less waste! And thanks to the wet bags there are no unpleasant odors.
– They are better for children’s skin as they are more breathable, they do not have chemicals (like many diapers on the market) and even if they stay wet my children’s skin has always been tip top to such an extent that they do not even need creams.
my first child at 21 months was “weaned” from the diaper. Hearing when they pee as the diaper remains damp they first learn to abandon it.
– They’re more practical and comfortable than you think
– There are beautiful fantasies!! this is little relevant but also the eye wants its part!)
I’m using them with my second child and if I had to have another child I would use them again and again!”

Valentina of Capriasca Bridge

Exclusive use of washable diapers from 3 months. Well before I got pregnant, I was attracted to washable diapers. During my pregnancy, I searched for as much information as possible
understand the costs, pros and cons, environmental impact and the various models. Well it is the choice that I would definitely redo and that I recommend to everyone!! The greatest satisfaction is the environmental impact. So many garbage bags saved that no longer fill at the speed of light, and zero smells. ❤️ washable diapers. The fantasies are from “one pulls the other.” Unfortunately I also tried to ask my municipality but have no incentives except give more garbage bags.

Anne of Lugano

“I’m Elide’s mom, two years old in September, I use washable diapers since he was 4 months old and I chose this route mainly for 3 Questions: – environmental one, which is very close to my heart; knowing with what materials and substances my daughter’s skin comes into contact with; And the economic issue (saving with a better product for the my daughter’s health and the planet). I feel very good and I’m
very happy with my choice!”

Alice of Aurigen

When I was pregnant, looking for information on the subject I discovered washable diapers that protect both the health of our children and the environment in which they will grow up. It is incredible the amount of waste that every child produces in the form of dirty diapers, which are also long and difficult to dispose of. From the beginning it was clear to us the importance of using washable diapers. The fact that we have the opportunity to buy them at Les Petits Hiboux in Ascona, taking advantage of professional advice before and after the purchase has made our experience simple, more aware and very rewarding. Right from the start we only used washable diapers with great satisfaction both ours and our daughter who has never had any problems of reddened skin or anything. Moreover, on balance, it proved to be a very cost-effective choice. The commitment of having to wash them regularly, nowadays, costs a few minutes a day yes and one not, a much more than acceptable effort. At the end of the day we are very happy with the choice made, which we strongly recommend to every parent!

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